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        Enid Blyton
        East Dulwich
        United Kingdom
        United Kingdom
        Cause Of Death
        Myocardial infarction
        Gillian Baverstock
        Imogen Mary Smallwood
        Ipswich High School
        Dec. at 71 (1897-1968)
        Credits (Film)
        Famous Five
        Famous Five 2
        The Famous Five 3
        Credits (TV)
        Make Way for Noddy
        Famous 5: On the Case
        Series Written
        St. Clare's
        The Secret Seven
        The Naughtiest Girl
        The Wishing Chair
        The Famous Five
        The Adventure Series
        The Faraway Tree
        Works Written
        Fifth Formers of St. Clare's
        Third Year at Malory Towers
        The Rockingdown mystery
        The Twins at St. Clare's
        The Land of Far-Beyond
        Claudine at St.Clare's
        The Magic Faraway Tree
        First Term at Malory Towers
        The Second Form at Malory Towers
        The first Christmas
        Five Go Adventuring Again
        Five on a Treasure Island
        Five Run Away Together
        Five Are Together Again
        Five Go to Billycock Hill
        Five Get into a Fix
        Five Fall into Adventure
        Five Have a Wonderful Time
        Five Have a Mystery to Solve
        Five Go to Demon's Rocks
        Five Go to Mystery Moor
        Five Go to Smuggler's Top
        Five Have Plenty of Fun
        Five Go Off in a Caravan
        Five Go Off to Camp
        Five Get into Trouble
        Five on a Hike Together
        Five Go Down to the Sea
        Five on a Secret Trail
        The Castle of Adventure
        Five on Kirrin Island Again
        Five on Finniston Farm
        The Island of Adventure
        The Enchanted Wood
        The Folk of the Faraway Tree
        The Naughtiest Girl Again
        The O'Sullivan Twins
        Summer Term at St. Clare's
        The Secret Seven
        Good Old Secret Seven
        Puzzle for the Secret Seven
        Secret Seven Adventure
        Good work
        Secret Seven
        Look out
        Secret Seven
        Secret Seven fireworks
        Three cheers Secret Seven
        Secret Seven Win Through
        Fun for the Secret Seven
        Secret Seven Mystery
        Sea of Adventure
        Mountain of Adventure
        Valley of Adventure
        River of Adventure
        The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage
        The Wishing-Chair Again
        More Wishing-Chair Stories
        Adventures of the Wishing-Chair
        Fem befrir en fange
        Fem og kidnapperne
        Telltale Tommy and other stories
        Here's the Naughtiest Girl!
        The rat-a-tat mystery
        El Secreto de la isla
        The Rilloby Fair mystery
        The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat
        Baby in the bulrushes
        Hemliga Sjuan lo ser en ga ta
        Noddy Christmas
        Mary Mouse and the doll family
        Brownie tales
        The six bad boys
        Noddy at the seaside
        Fourth bedtime book
        More adventures of PIp
        Fem pa den mystiske heia
        Godnatt historier
        Hats off to Noddy
        A night on Thunder Rock
        Don't be silly
        Mr. Twiddle
        The secret of Moon Castle
        Nature lover's book
        The treasure hunters
        The children of Cherry Tree Farm
        Il castello dell'avventura
        Palaneen talon salaisuus
        Nimettomien kirjeiden salaisuus
        Noddy in toy village
        The Little daughter of Jairus
        The whistling Brownies
        The four cousins
        The boy with the loaves and fishes
        Hurrah for the Circus!
        The 'Pole Star' family
        The secret mountain
        Third Form at St. Clare's
        The two sillies and other stories
        The very big secret
        The boy who wanted a dog
        The caravan family
        The secret island
        The mystery that never was
        Snowball the pony
        More Tales from fairyland
        baban yn yr hesg
        Hallo Mary Mouse
        Naughty Amelia Jane
        Yellow Fairy Book
        Hedgerow tales
        Goblins Above
        Dafydd y llencyn o fugail
        Aution talon salaisuus
        Tales at bedtime
        The big Enid Blyton book
        Holiday stories
        Noddy and the aeroplane
        Noddy tricks Mr. Sly
        Mr Plod and little Noddy
        The birthday kitten
        Mister Meddle's muddles
        Le Clan des Sept et l'homme de paille
        Fem reiser til sjoen
        Noddy ABC
        A second book of naughty children
        A book of magic
        The boy next door
        Mr Meddle's muddles
        Tales from the Bible
        The ragamuffin mystery
        The bold
        bad boys! and other stories
        Oui-Oui va a? l'e?cole
        Die Insel der Abenteuer
        Noddy gives a teaparty
        Merry story book
        Mr Twiddle stories
        Eight O'Clock Tales
        The little green imp
        Click and Bun again
        The hidey-hole
        Treasury of verse
        Learn to tell the time with Noddy
        the sheep-dog
        Oui-Oui et le ve?lo-car
        Storytime book
        The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor
        Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm
        Six Cousins Again
        The Riddle of The Hollow Tree
        The knights of the Round Table
        The Riddle of The Hidden Treasure
        The Riddle That Never Was
        The Riddle of The Boy Next Door
        Mr. Galliano's Circus
        The Riddle of the Holiday House
        Go ahead
        Secret Seven
        The Second Form at St. Clare's
        The Riddle of The Rajah's Ruby
        Circus Days Again
        The Sixth Form at St. Clare's
        Noddy Goes to Toyland
        The Naughtiest Girl in the School
        Well done
        Secret Seven
        Shock for the Secret Seven
        Secret Seven on the Trail
        The Circus of Adventure
        Ship of Adventure
        The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters
        The Naughtiest Girl Helps a Friend
        The Naughtiest Girl Keeps a Secret
        The Mystery of the Secret Room
        The Mystery of the Missing Necklace
        The Mystery of the Invisible Thief
        The Mystery of the Hidden House
        The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat
        The Mystery of the Strange Bundle
        Be brave
        little Noddy!
        The Rubadub mystery
        The ring o'bells mystery
        Noddy Goes Shopping
        Noddy goes to sea
        Amelia Jane gets into trouble
        Nakymattoman varkaan salaisuus
        The Saucy Jane family
        Noddy has an adventure
        bachgen Iesu
        Reference book to Old Testament Bible plates
        Tales about toys
        Noddy's Pet Chicken
        Teatterkissan salaisuus
        Brer Bear's red carrots and other stories
        Learn to count with Noddy
        Kadonneen kaulakorun salaisuus
        Up the far away tree
        The eighth holiday book
        More hedgerow tales
        Six plays for schools
        The Grabbit Gnomes
        Noddy's umbrella
        You funny little Noddy
        Fun with Noddy
        The whispering island game
        Book of Brownies
        The family at Red-Roofs
        Brer Rabbit and his friends
        Mike's monkey and other stories
        Noddy meets Father Christmas
        The Seaside family
        Lamb without a mother
        The wizard who wasn't
        The bad Cockyolly bird
        Noddy and the Magic Bagpipes
        Brer Fox goes to market and other stories
        Six Enid Blyton plays
        Hold on to Your Hat
        The fourth holiday book
        Do look out Noddy!
        Gulliver's adventures in the land of Lilliput
        Brer Fox's new house and other stories
        Thirteen O'Clock
        Nye godnatt historier
        A family Christmas
        Best Stories for Eight-Year-Olds
        Bimbo and Topsy
        Mr Pink-Whistle interferes
        Lukitun talon salaisuus
        Fem folger et spor
        Famous Five Adventures Collection
        The adventurous four
        Hollow tree house
        Noddy Builds a Rocket Ship
        Well Done
        the Naughtiest Girl!
        The Mystery of the Vanished Prince
        Make Way for Noddy
        Famous 5: On the Case
        Famous Five
        Famous Five 2
        The Famous Five 3

        Enid Blyton

        Enid Mary Blyton (11 August 1897 – 28 November 1968) was an English children's writer whose books have been among the world's best-sellers since the 1930s, selling more than 600 million copies. Blyton's books are still enormously popular, and have been translated into 90 languages; her first book, Child Whispers, a 24-page collection of poems, was published in 1922. She wrote on a wide range of topics including education, natural history, fantasy, mystery, and biblical narratives and is ... more on Wikipedia

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